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Suit Direct Studio. Design your own suit

Custom jackets, trousers and suits. Made by us, directed by you. Don’t just buy a suit, design it. Select from carefully curated options, and add personal touches to every detail, for a custom-made suit that’s 100% you.  Get expert advice if you need it, or let your creativity run free.

3 steps – 28 days from design to collection.

2. Create.  Create your own suit, or get help from our expert suit stylists helping you find the fit and style that’s 100% you.

3. Collect.  Collect your perfect suit and try on your creation for the first time.

Direct every detail.  You’re in control.  Whether you’re after a jacket, suit or waistcoat or the works.  Choose every aspect from cloths to personal touches.

Fit : Choose individual details from fabrics, linings and lapels to buttons, fit and stitching.

Suit and lining fabric :  Go bold or subtle, whatever you prefer.

Buttons : Multiple options in an array of colours.

Style : Single or double breasted styles.  Suit Yourself.

Stitching : To complement or contrast your fabric.

Vents and pockets : You get to pick what’s right for you.

Monogram : It’s got your name on it (literally), or your initials or an important date in your choice of lettering style.

Book your appointment today at Suit Direct and create your limited edition of one.

Men’s Suit Shop Meadowhall, Sheffield | Suit Direct

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