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Celebrating Pride at Meadowhall

For more than 5 years, Meadowhall has shown its unity and pride with our rainbow lights and rainbow stairs where thousands have climbed every day through the month of June.

This year, we wanted to connect with our Meadowhall community and the South Yorkshire communities and show we’re all under one love and one flag.

We invited all retailers and staff within the Meadowhall domes to participate and show what Pride means to them. Our very own Cleaning Team, Martin and Steve, at Meadowhall, said,

“Pride to us is everything. Each year we love coming together with the LGBTQ+ community and visiting pride events anywhere we can get to. All people from any walk of life are welcome to attend.”

Martin and Steve

Whilst Pride Month is extremely important in celebrating the LGTBQ+ community, Meadowhall is committed to keeping open conversations with our local queer communities all year round. That’s why we’ve partnered with local pride events in Worksop, Chesterfield, and Doncaster, and have dedicated our digital platforms to promoting their events and services.

For each Pride Event, Meadowhall has promised to light up the rainbow lights to show our support.

Dan Walker from Chesterfield said,

“Thank you for all your support, not just for Pride month, but all year round.’

Workshop pride

Want to know how you can participate? See below to visit each Pride Organisations website!

Saturday 8th July, Worksop Pride


Sunday 23rd July, Chesterfield Pride


Saturday 12th August, Doncaster Pride


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