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Community at heart


Community at heart

We care for our local community – so much so, that in the last five years, the Meadowhall team has raised £1.8 million for our area’s many charities and programmes.

Our dedicated staff has cycled, climbed, hiked and kayaked a total of 15,000 miles supported by cash contributions, volunteering, in-kind donations and fundraising by heroes on the ground – visitors and families like you. The money benefits home-grown charities, groups and individuals close to us, such as:

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

The Children’s Hospital Charity’s Herd campaign  

Darnall United

Tinsley Meadows Primary School

Find out more about these wonderful causes on the links above and please keep up with your fantastic support!

Future Charities

Our support is directed towards regional and local community causes with the majority of effort being directed towards support for the immediate catchment surrounding Meadowhall. We focus our support where we can deliver the biggest impact and where the initiative broadly matches our criteria.

We will consider support: 

1. to registered charities or not-for profit organisations based in South Yorkshire, in particular we provide support for the immediate catchment to Meadowhall. 
2. where there is clear, immediate and long-lasting benefit to the recipients. 
3. where we are aware of what exactly the support will be used for. 
4. where, if required, the charity is able to provide the latest 2 years´ audited Annual Accounts. 

See more information on what we don’t support.

How we support 

We wish to make contributions which will have a meaningful long term impact in the community. We therefore focus our support to a limited number of causes or organisations for longer periods where we can see the impact of our contributions and where we can build good relationships and better understanding of areas of need. 

Our Support 

Here are just some examples of how we have shown our support; 
• Providing advertising opportunities in community or charitable publications 
• Environmental activities 
• Offering consultancy, expertise and research opportunities 
• Staff volunteering 
• Hosting arts, cultural and sporting events 
• Use of company premises/resources 
• Work placements 

Your ‘Support’ application 

Simply print off and complete the form, together with any supporting literature you feel will strengthen your chances of receiving support. The form must be completed legibly and in full, and sent to: Secretary to the Support Committee, Meadowhall, Management Suite, 1 The Oasis, Meadowhall, Sheffield, S9 1EP.

If your request does not satisfy this criteria, your application will be declined. If the request does meet with the specified criteria, the application will then be given further consideration at the next Support Committee meeting held monthly. As the number of applications typically exceeds the support Meadowhall is able to offer, the Committee exercise their discretion in making any awards even in circumstances where the criteria may be satisfied. 

All applicants will receive acknowledgement within 5 working days, and will at a later date be informed as to whether their application has been successful. If your application is unsuccessful, then you should wait at least 1 year before re-applying.

Download a support application form

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