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cawa coffee in meadowhall cawa coffee in meadowhall


Cawa is now open at Meadowhall

We’re delighted to welcome Cawa to Meadowhall

cawa coffee in meadowhall

Micro Roasted FairTrade Coffee, Speciality Teas, Artisan Bakery & Patisserie.

Cawa is the original word for coffee in Turkish/Arabic. Today, it’s a loose term referring to a place to enjoy a hot drink, great food, and socialise with friends and family.

Start your day with a perfect cup of coffee, we regularly change our house blend to surprise and delight your palate. We are passionate about real food made with only the best ingredients. Delivering fresh baked bread, patisserie, sandwiches, and paninis throughout the day from our local bakery situated just across the road from Meadowhall.

A variety of pastries in a display cabinet

Here’s a bit more about Cawa

Welcome to our artisan bakery, where Ukrainian bread baking tradition meets the best of Yorkshire artisan craftsmanship.

At our bakery, we take great pride in offering a range of exceptional sourdough breads that combine heritage, flavor, and health benefits, all delivered with the utmost care and precision. Our breads are a testament to our deep roots in Ukrainian bread baking tradition, passed down through generations.

We have carefully nurtured and preserved our sourdough starter, which dates back to 1920, originating from Ukraine. This living culture infuses our breads with a unique character, resulting in outstanding flavor and texture.

Drawing inspiration from the rich baking heritage of Yorkshire, we have seamlessly merged traditional techniques with modern innovation. Our production process employs refined Cold Proofing Technology, ensuring a 48-hour fermentation period that maximizes flavor development and nurtures the health benefits of sourdough.


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