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Meadowhall Partners With Roundabout

Over the last 45 years Roundabout has gradually grown and developed our services to meet the changing needs of young people facing homelessness in South Yorkshire, and now support over 350 young people every day.

As well as providing safe and secure accommodation and a range of homeless prevention services, we support young people to develop long-term independent living skills in order to break the cycle of homelessness.

We are dedicated to supporting them to access education, training, and employment opportunities; teaching them essential life skills; and supporting their physical and mental health needs. We give young people the chance to make mistakes and support them on their journey to the brighter future they deserve, with the dedicated support they need.

Our Vision, Mission and Aim

Our Vision:

Roundabout’s vision is to end youth homelessness in South Yorkshire.

Our Mission:

Roundabout’s mission is to provide shelter and support to make sure that no young person experiences homelessness in South Yorkshire.

Our Aim:

Roundabout’s strategic aim is to empower young people to break the cycle of homelessness by helping them develop long term independent living skills and support them with their health, education, employment and training needs. We want to support them in their time of need, as every young person deserves the chance to have a bright future.

Find out more about how you can help Roundabout give homeless young people in South Yorkshire a brighter future:

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