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Several cars parked up


Supercars Event Success

The event was a resounding success, showcasing over 30 of the most stunning Supercars, much to the delight of enthusiasts and novices alike. The roar of engines and the chance to sit in these automotive marvels created an unforgettable experience. The Sporting Bears’ rides in a Supercar were a highlight, offering a rare opportunity to feel the power of these vehicles firsthand. The presence of emergency service vehicles added an educational twist, captivating attendees of all ages. Iconic cars from beloved films and TV shows, like the Tumbler from Batman and Lightning McQueen from Cars, brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to the day.

A child and parent sit in the front of a car

The event’s triumph was underscored by the significant funds raised—over £30,000 for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, a remarkable charity providing care for children and young adults with life-shortening conditions. Their dedication to creating precious memories for families during the most challenging times is supported largely by community efforts and donations. For those interested in contributing to this noble cause, further information on how to assist Bluebell Wood can be found on their website.

A child sits in the front of a police car


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