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Meadowhall x ReFood

We are dedicated to becoming one of the most sustainable shopping centres in the country, so a partnership with ReFood made sense. As the leading food waste recycling company – offering a truly greener, safer, cheaper alternative to sending food waste to landfill – ReFood were brought in to help minimise our impact on the environment and to improve our sustainability practices.

Since implementing ReFood’s unique collection and recycling service, which sees full bins swapped for clean sanitised ones, we have been provided with a straightforward and trusted solution to managing our food waste. This has contributed towards not only reducing our environmental impact, but also improving the efficiency of our waste management processes on site – all whilst saving a considerable amount of money on our disposal costs.

ReFood provide us with live data on waste and energy generation, giving us easy access to valuable data, allowing them to track their progress towards their sustainability goals and identify further areas for improvement.

Partnerships like these play a pivotal role in improving sustainability objectives for our business.

Introducing ReFood – The UK’s leading food waste recycler.

We help businesses big and small recycle their food waste to prevent it from being dumped in landfill to rot or sent for burning by incineration.

Instead, we unlock its potential and transform it into cleaner, greener energy to power Britain’s homes, businesses and communities.

Others provide food waste recycling. We pioneered it.

We have been setting the standard since 2012. The Green Standard is our guarantee that your food waste is handled responsibly, sustainably and efficiently through a closed-loop, end-to-end service – and always in line with current legislation.

Always leading the way

We were the first to generate renewable energy from food waste. And whatever others may claim, we’re still the only truly integrated food recyclers.

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