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Is there Police at Meadowhall?


The safety and security of Meadowhall customers and retailers is our priority, Meadowhall’s partnership with South Yorkshire Police has run for over 25 years and continues to go from strength to strength. Over recent months Meadowhall has increased numbers of armed police, security staff and precautionary safety measures to protect the safety of our visitors and our team.

We are proud to be one the longest running security teams in any UK shopping centre, and to have been recognized across the industry for our work.  As a team, we are trained to the highest level to ensure the safety of all, working closely with a range of partners including the police and other emergency services. 

South Yorkshire Police have an on-site police station at the centre, working alongside our security team. Meadowhall is part of South Yorkshire Police’s Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS), which is a voluntary scheme under the Police Reform Act 2002, enabling the South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable to offer suitable employers and their employees within the county an accredited status in respect of them carrying out certain community safety functions. Meadowhall is accredited to CSAS contributing to maintaining and improving community safety.

Police officer and Security man at Meadowhall stood together

Police officer and Security man at Meadowhall stood together