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Oasis Dining Quarter - Lower Level

Burrito bars. The world’s first opened in 1920s LA, courtesy of Alejandro Borques. The UK’s first opened in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens back in 2005, courtesy of, well us.

Over 5 million burritos later the passion is still going strong. The hand crafted, expertly put together food has been perfected over a decade and passed down through la familia!

The delicious wraps are packed full of your choice of filling, spicy salsa (or mild if you prefer) and a range of extras. Inspired by the street food of Mexico, this hand held dish shouldn’t be mistaken for just a quick snack, more of a meal in a wrap!


Burritos are nothing if they aren’t made with the freshest possible ingredients. It’s a good thing that’s exactly what Barburrito use. Fresh food doesn’t need preserving, just eating, so our ingredients are completely free of preservatives (except for a squeeze of fresh lime juice of course).


Location Oasis Dining Quarter - Lower Level

Address Meadowhall Shopping Centre
S9 1EP

Contact 0114 235 4365


Oasis Dining Quarter - Lower Level


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Oasis Dining Quarter - Lower Level

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Oasis Dining Quarter - Lower Level


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Oasis Dining Quarter - Lower Level

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