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The Lanes

Allsorts is a wonderful store with something for everyone, whatever your age. We have Allsorts of cosmetics, hair extensions etc for a glamorous look for days and nights out.

Allsorts of party items and novelty products to help follow the current trends. Why not come and take a look.

Location The Lanes

Address The Lanes
S9 1EP


The Lanes

It’s So Fluffy

It’s Soo Fluffy” takes its name from one of the best scenes in the Universal Pictures film Despicable Me (check it out on YouTube).

The Lanes

The Fan Cave

The Fan Cave is Sheffield’s most diverse memorabilia store, catering for all ages, interests and...

The Lanes

The Artist and The Candlemaker

We’ve brought together three of the city’s movers and shakers in the form of The Artist and The Candlemaker

The Lanes

Music Box

The Music Box sells a wide range of printed sheet music,accessories, music-themed gifts andinstruments, including guitars, ukuleles, woodwind, brass, harmonicas and percussion.