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Responsible choices, lasting changes

At Meadowhall, we’re committed to making a positive impact. Over the years, we have made many adjustments in how we use and re-use our energy, which has helped us to become one of the most sustainable shopping centres in the country.

From energy-efficient lighting and smart waste management, to raising money and awareness for local charities and hosting our annual jobs fair, caring for our environment, customers and community is always at the heart of what we do.

We believe that by making responsible choices, we can create lasting changes.

More than great shopping

We have the largest solar panel installation on any UK shopping centre, with 3,418 panels covering 60,000 sq. ft, which generate 770,000kWhs of solar energy a year, the equivalent to the electricity use of 230 average UK households.

Making a positive difference

We help our retailers and shoppers connect to opportunities that benefit our local community.

Good for the planet

From zero waste to reduced energy use to biodiversity, we’re pioneering more ways to be an environmentally sustainable shopping centre. And in line with our parent company British Land, we’re on track to be Net Zero by 2030.