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Children’s Shoes at Charles Clinkard

Taking our first steps in life is a significant and memorable moment for all of us.

Until their late teens, children’s feet and bones are not fully developed into adult form. Therefore, it is critical to measure and fit their shoes appropriately to prevent injury.

Eveline Clinkard, co-founder of the company, became interested in children’s footwear in the 1930s. We therefore place a great deal of importance on providing children with proper fitting footwear today.


When a baby is born, their feet do not have fully developed bones. As cartilage is delicate, it is essential to properly care for little feet, especially when they begin to crawl and walk. Prewalkers are perfect for tots who have recently taken their first steps.

At Charles Clinkard, we offer a variety of prewalkers – designed with a soft outsole and lightweight properties.

Comfort, protection, and breathability are provided by the Geox Tutim prewalkers, which have easy-to-clean antibacterial linings. Tutim features toe and heel guards that provide ample protection against jolts and bumps. With a rip tape fastening, this stylish little girl’s shoe combines a suede upper with cute multicoloured polka dots.

Available now at Charles Clinkard Meadowhall.

Geox – Baby Tutim Prewalkers

Geox – Baby Tutim Prewalkers

First Shoes

Your little one should be stable on their own two feet by the time you are looking at purchasing their first pair of shoes. We recommend that you have your child’s feet measured every six to eight weeks by a qualified fitter to ensure a secure and comfortable fit when choosing their first pair of shoes.

Charles Clinkard offers a First Shoe Experience designed to enhance the experience of buying your child’s very first pair of shoes. The experience includes an opportunity to get a photo of your child’s first shoes, as well as a 15% discount off the next pair of shoes.

We offer a wide selection of brands, whole and half sizes, and up to four width fittings. Our staff will work with you one-on-one to ensure both your child and you are happy with their new shoes.

The Start-Rite Fairy Tale first shoes offer fashionable leather uppers and a stylish floral trim, as well as being extra-supportive. Featuring padded ankles and a lightweight, flexible rubber sole that promotes natural movement, the comfort-driven design provides a suitable blend of protection and durability.

Shop now at Charles Clinkard Meadowhall

Start-Rite Fairy Tale First Shoes

Start-Rite Fairy Tale First Shoes

School Shoes

With children wearing their school shoes an average of more than 30 hours a week, it’s essential to ensure your child’s school shoes fit correctly to avoid discomfort.

It can be challenging to choose a pair of shoes because all shoe brands fit differently, and some come in half sizes as well as whole styles.

Our in-store fitting experience allows you to have your child’s school shoes fitted by a trained professional on a one-to-one basis.

Visit our Meadowhall store on The Avenue – Lower Level today and discover our wide range of school shoes for all ages.

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