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NOW - 21/06/2024

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Full job title: Supervisor

Full time / part time

Part time

Numbers of hours per week: 16

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Job description

OVERALL DUTIES: To provide support to management of the shop, including managing our sales team, providing on-the-job training, maintaining the safe operation of machines, and ensuring that the customer experience at our retail locations is of the highest quality. All of these protect the brand image of Bandai Namco. In the absence of the GM/DM/TL, assume on a temporary basis the roles and responsibilities of operating the shop.

Personnel & Administration
• Ensure all staff maintain high standards of customer service.
• Keep the store well-maintained, clean, and visually appealing.
• Ensure all paperwork that you are responsible for is correctly completed, including e-Learning.
• Assist the TL, DM, and GM with staff development, such as:
o Notifying staff about future developments.
o Conduct disciplinary interviews and uphold procedures.
o Carry out appraisals to maintain staff and shop performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
• Support all site departments i.e. tills, shop floor retail, Gashapon, etc.

Training and Induction
• Ensure induction and training of new and existing staff is carried out and understood.
• Always ensure both you and all staff are up to date on their e-Learning.

• Ensure the overall safety and security of customers, staff, equipment, and premises.
• Ensure that any customer problems/complaints are dealt with, with courtesy and efficiency – prioritising de-escalation.
• Liaise with Security.
• Monitor all staff below TL and ensure that their behavior is within the confines of the Company’s security procedure.
• Ensure all back office areas are secure at all times.
• Make certain that all house rules are adhered to at all times.
• Ensure that correct procedures for opening and closing the shop are adhered to at all times.
• Ensure all visitors are dealt with correctly as trained i.e. police, enforcement officers, workmen, company reps etc.
• Securely manage store inventory.

Cash Collection
• Ensure all income collections are performed, and accounted for, at specified periods.
• Take an active part in Cash Collections, with strict adherence to procedure.
• Actively monitor staff involved in cash collections for safety and security.
• Verify that the correct cash is banked according to collection / cashing up procedures, and that the appropriate documentation is completed correctly.

• Ensure that all machine faults are reported immediately and through the correct channels.
• Work with the store management team to achieve sales targets and meet performance goals.
• Assist in inventory management, including receiving, stocking, and organising merchandise.
• Work with management and colleagues to identify opportunities to increase the area’s market share of trade within the locality.
• Work on promotions, themed events, exhibitions etc. Occasionally these may be off site.
• Provide back-up and assistance in dealing with problem customers.
• Maintain a strong culture of punctuality.
• Contribute to a positive and inclusive team environment.
• Adhere to policies and procedures as outlined in the current Company Handbook, your Contract and what you have been trained in by management.
• Adhere to all Gambling, Health and Safety, Food and Hygiene compliance and legislation at all times. Seek assistance where there is any room for doubt.
• To report any incidents to management straight away.
• Ensure all staff maintain a professional appearance with proper conduct at all times, including the enforcement of uniform standards.

Closing date: 30-06-2024

How to apply


Email CV to [email protected]


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